Cocopeat Blocks 5Kg

Product : Coco Peat Blocks
Quality : Buffered RHP
Packing : 5 Kg Blocks
Loading : On Pallets

Coco peat as a growing medium is increasingly becoming one of the most important resources for the future and is increasingly being specified for modern horticulture for its excellent water holding and growth properties. It can easily be compressed and hence saves volume while shipping. It is easy to expand the blocks to their natural state with water. The same physical structure is ensured. Particle size can be varied from Fine (0-6mm) for raising seedlings, Regular (0-12mm) for normal growing or Coarse (> 12mm) for plants with higher root aeration requirements e.g. orchids.

We can process price competitive custom orders to specific requirements with packaging to match in 5 Kg block packaging